Dyson Energy is Ghanas leading solar company 

Solar panels and battery storage systems

As Ghana’s leading solar company and trusted partner, we deliver affordable solar solutions for both domestic and commercial properties. We use our international expertise to find the highest quality products for your home or business.

This is our Ghana and we care about the world you live in.

Dyson Energy 
solar battery storage 

Catch the Ghanain sun and store it. Battery storage allows you to charge your battery with the solar energy you are not using in your home. The excess power from your solar panels charges your battery during the day and then supplies electricity to your home during the night. 


Welcome to the revolution!

The Dyson guarantee 


We offer a 20 year guarantee on the operation of your solar system. During the first 20 years all preliminary and installation costs are included. Product guarantees:

20 years

20 year power guarantee on all solar panels.

10 years

10 year installation warranty.

10 years

10 year product warranty on all solar battery storage systems.

1 Day

1 day full installation process.